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Message From Property Grunt: May The Force Be With You

Curbed favorite and curmudgeon extraordinaire, Property Grunt (right), reads the Sunday NYT and ruminates on the state of Manhattan real estate:

If there isn’t a spike in sales by the end of this summer, then I think that sellers should expect the worst. In fact all the bell weathers indicate rough seas ahead. The economy has displayed some weakness in the last month, oil prices are as stable as Tara Reid’s movie career and if anyone thinks that Bernanke is done with interest rates, well I want to know what they're smoking. These conditions are going to impact the Manhattan market and not in a positive fashion. Those of you who own residential investment properties including condos, take advantage of this period because there are more people seeking rentals in Manhattan and due to the shortage of inventory, they will have no choice but to pay a premium. I am not saying you should be a scumbag, just charge the appropriate rent and present your property in a positive manner. May the force be with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are brokers, and there are bloggers, but nobody does both as well as this man. Genius, pure genius.
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