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It Happened One Weekend: Mostly Rentals Edition

1) So $1,000 is "the average price of a privately owned nonregulated rental apartment" in New York City, but only the four outerboroughs deliver the goods, according to the Times' Claire Wilson in her quest for one-bedrooms in this price range, which really means up to $1,150. Still, you can show them up with your own story at The Walk-Through. [What You Can Rent for $1,000]
2) A couple of upstate NYers (above, looking oh so happy together) ditch a $1,100 three-bedroom rental in Chicago for the "density" of the East Village. Choice quote from the audio slide show: "It seems like that's what New Yorkers do: 'It happened to me, so that's what happens to everybody.'" [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]
3) Market snapshot: Sales may be booming in the $20mil+ range, but many would-be first-time buyers and those just barely able to afford to buy are doing an about-face, rushing back to rental land. [Rentals Are Strong, and the Rich Keep Buying]
4) How much would it cost to turn a two-bedroom duplex in Carnegie Hill into "grist for a shelter magazine," a place full of "vitality" and "pizazz?" Oh, as much as the $649k apartment itself, or more. Hey, you can't just get "hanging mesh settees" off the shelf. [Sketch Pad/Tracie Rozhon]
5) All the name-dropping and aspirations for exclusivity can't seem to expunge the bad luck from 206 East 63rd St., where 10 restaurants have opened and closed in just under 30 years. Hopeful No. 11? A kosher Japanese steakhouse. Sample quote: "This is what, in Japanese, we call a nosh." [The Address Where Restaurants Go to Die ... So Far]