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Ask Curbed: How Much is Too Much in Carroll Gardens?

We have noticed the L3 Condos on Luquer Street in Carroll Gardens because of the way they are squeezed between existing buildings. So, the question posed by a reader, who says he has not mastered the art of buying low and selling high, seemed like it was worth passing along:

Like many locals, I've bought and sold real estate both in the city and outside -- but alas, you never can outwit this market. I had an amazing townhouse in Williamsburg and sold it 3 years ago, too early to retire a millionaire for sure. And then I bought upstate and made money but never as much as I would have if I had just held on to my townhouse. I've checked out many condos, but mainly in Brooklyn where there is still some hope you can get more of a house feel than an apt feel for a million. One development in Carroll Gardens looked very good to me. Check out 191-193 Luquer Street...The duplex apartments are the only ones left (and one strange one bedroom in the middle building no one seems to want). The fixtures and overall space feel very Dwell magazine. The price of 1 million 50 thousand seems high, but not by price per sq ft, and the carrying costs are low. Please let me know what you think.

When last we checked on Luquer Street, it was to pass along news of a rat invasion and an 11-story building going up at 100 Luquer, a couple of blocks from this property, which is near where the F Train comes above ground.

Good deal or bad? Readers, the ball is in your court.
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