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Greenmarket Update: Downtown, Uptown Edition

1) Soho/Village: Two new farmer's markets—carrying the name Real Food Markets—are set to kick off downtown on June 17 and run Saturdays through December 23 (locations, above). Background information on the folks behind this remains relatively scant, but postcards promoting the markets have started appearing at stores across Soho and as of today there's a spiffy website. UPDATE: Proprietress Nina Planck (interviewed, a commenter notes, in New York recently) chides our choice of nomenclature in an email: "In the geek department, just wanted to let you know that they are not farmers’ markets (which are strictly for farmers and food producers and usually only for quite local foods, 100 miles or so) but something new. And Greenmarket is a trademarked term – it refers to the organization that runs the wonderful network of farmers’ markets in NYC – which I used to run, actually – so it’s best to avoid that term (as a generic) too!" Curbed: goin' to jail again. [Real Food Markets]

2) Upper East Side: After getting smacked down by Eli Zabar & Co., proponents of additional new greenmarket on the UES plot the future. From Upper Green Side: "We have a pretty good deal in the works - expansion of the St. Stephen’s location from 2 vendors to 5 AND a new location near the Stanley Isaac’s Center on First and 92nd. Community Board 8 will be discussing this on June 8th." [Upper Green Side]