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Flooding the Zone for Competitor's New Tower

[Atrium photo via Hearst Corp.'s photo gallery]

The Times embraces the new Hearst Tower, on Eighth Avenue at 57th Street, for a double-cheeked kiss this week. First, there was the biz piece yesterday about oh, how lovely it is to be a world-beating privately held media empire, and wouldn't the Chief, ol' Citizen Kane himself, be proud of things if he were alive today? Now, starchitect Norman Foster is back for a second day of coverage, still wearing the same suit and tie ("bespoke tailoring" anyone?), to chat with Robin Pogrebin about the "diagrid" and the "piano nobile" and "facade-ism" (Isn't it facadism?)

Missing from a lot of the coverage, but not from this NY Sun article, is much mention of artist Richard Long's massive fresco for the "piano nobile." Dubbed Riverlines and seen above in progress, it's about 35x70 feet and features pigment mixed with mud from the Hudson River. No joke! Can we expect a third write-up from a Times visual arts correspondent?
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