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Storefronting: Parasuco, Intermix, Starbucks

Storefronting is obsessed with the city's evolving retail scene. Emphasis on the curb(ed) appeal, etc. Hit us up with any dope at the tipline, open 24/7.

1) Soho: As previously rumbled, that apparel shop from the north, Parasuco, has begun its southward invasion, with its first U.S. store at Spring and Lafayette (right). Sez The Shophound: "The store beautifully preserves the original marble and decorative columns of the bank that once occupied the space, and proceeds to fill it with a collection blatantly ripped off from Antik Denim, G-Star, Maharishi and any other premium denim/contemporary brand you can think of." [Shophound]
2) Flatiron: While it cleans up from a fire earlier this year, Intermix has opened up a temporary spot at 901 Broadway, according to the Observer's blog, which adds: "It only took a few minutes on this yellow-gray afternoon for well-dressed young women to fill the newest boutique." Click thru for bonus Choire Sicha cam-phone pic! [The Real Estate]
3) Roosevelt Island: The NYT's "Hunt" columnist Joyce Cohen has been all over the story of this particular spit of land's first Starbucks, at 455 Main St. The latest? "The new grande opening day is Friday, June 9." Yeah, she went there. [HuntGrunt]