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Dubai Royal Fam to Bring Back the Knick

More Dubai-in-the-sky news this week, as we learn the royal family of that Arab emirate has snagged another New York landmark for its ever-growing real estate portfolio.

This time, it's the Knickerbocker Hotel (right), at 42nd and Broadway, for $300 million. Istithmar, the government's investment arm, intends to return the 100-year-old building to its original use, with 250-300 guest rooms. Sez the CIO: "We think there's room for at least one [more] higher-end hotel catering to the business and entertainment community." That's all well and good, but we want to know whether they'll be reopening that old 42nd St. subway-platform entrance to the hotel (above). Now that would be the pinnacle of luxury.
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