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It's Raining Diapers Up in Hudson Heights

You might recall yesterday's memo from Chelsea asking that people stop tossing trash (and, um, feces) out the window. Comes this message, with photo, from another reader in a different part of town:

Okay, it's an epidemic! I too am having problems with garbage outside my living room window. About once a month an adult diaper (and I mean used) lands outside my Hudson Heights apartment, along with shoes, tampons (yes, used) and various sundries. I have had to clean it up myself (fighting off pigeons the whole time) since my super is super slow, and dammit if I'm going to have friends over and a diaper outside my window. And on one warm day, ok wow, the smell drifted in... and I had to shut the window. Then I read the post about the same problem yesterday and BANG this morning ... another diaper. Is this crazy person READING Curbed? Anyway .. for your enjoyment, attached is a photo of the April diaper ... hence the tulip on the sill. Oh yes, it's raining shit. Yes it is. Notice in the photo the trail beside the diaper. That is the remnants of the previous diaper that slowly walked towards the wall. It's all quite creepy.There is absolutely nothing one could possibly add to this.
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