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Moynihan Station Update: Now With Added MSG!

Let's get up to speed on a week's worth of news surrounding the plans for Moynihan Station, shall we?

1) The Observer's Matthew Schuerman brings the current affairs together today in a piece that begins to reveal what changes a new Madison Square Garden might have on the proposed Moynihan design. Such as: "Under the original plan, the intermodal hall—an area where people could check into their flights and take the train to J.F.K.—would go between the east and west halves of Farley. If the Garden deal comes through, the hall would go on the east side of Eighth Avenue as part of the new Penn Station. The Dolans are also reportedly insisting that its [MSG] patrons be allowed to enter from Eighth Avenue, through the train station." [NYObserver]
2) A new MSG will only happen, however, if the city's property tax exemption for the Garden, in place since 1982, also "travels" across the street. Last week, deputy mayor for economic development Daniel Doctoroff said it would not. Isaiah is pissed. [NYSun/David Lombino]
3) Also last week, the NYT wrote an editorial about Moynihan Station. We forget the gist of the argument, but think it had something to do with building good buildings. [NYTimes, sub req'd]
4) Remember those plans for a towering new 1 Penn West that would accompany a new Moynihan? Its site on the southeast corner of 34th and Eighth, now holds a public plaza, the potential evaporation of which has some residents concerned. [NYPost]