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TEN's Tower on West 45th: 'Asymmetrical Fenestration'

Behold, a big white rendering to brighten your rainy day, courtesy of those sunshiny folks down at Enrique Norten's TEN Arquitectos, who also brought that eye candy for those stuck in Holland Tunnel traffic, One York Tribeca. Not a whole lot of details on the latest one, but CityRealty's got a few via New York Living Magazine: This 50-story tower is slated for a plot on West 45th Street between Fifth and Sixth previously occupied at ground level by Vega House Chinese Restaurant, Kitchen Provance, and Pizza Paradise (not Pizza Paradise!)?all of which have been reportedly banished from Eden. Just 40 hotel rooms and 88 condos will rise in their place, and construction's expected this fall. The building's "as-of-right," but "the asymmetrical fenestration pattern ... has not yet been finalized." So don't burn that exact image into your Midtown retinas just yet.
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