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Crazy on Craigslist: Avalon Chrystie Syndrome

So we've heard how the price of living over the B/D trains has gone up, it was a matter of time before we'd start seeing some pretty disheartening share-seeking notices out of Avalon Chrystie Place. Writes a current disgruntled resident who's not renewing in August: "The rents are definitely ridiculously high. But I'm not sure whoever placed this ad's going to get that many people to bite, no matter how big the one-bedroom is. How soon till we see ads of ACPers offering to sublet their terraces for, say, $800/month." To the ad we go:

I have a one bedroom I'm looking to share with one other. You can have the living room or bedroom. Rent is $4k/month. The apartment itself is loaded with all amentities to include doorman, gym, billards, private terrace, furnished, washer/dryer, etc. This would be for short term only.
All this for just $1,950.
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