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Lacrosse, Harlem Style

First, the good news: A. Philip Randolph High School in West Harlem has a lacrosse team. Now the not so good news: Team practice is held in the school parking lot. Further explanation is provided by the most appropriate person to discuss the topic of this typically white sport being played in Harlem--the man who calls himself The Assimilated Negro:

I recently saw a special on NY1 about A. Philip Randolph's lacrosse team, the first in Harlem. What was great was the team practiced in an active parking lot. Meaning they would have to stop every so often to let a car actually drive through their "field." Coaches and players said it was "better than nothing," but seeing the kids dodging cars and doing drills on a paved parking lot looked a lot like a Jim Crow afterschool special. Or something...But at least I hear they're actually using the sticks to throw, catch and cradle instead of just for relieving punk hipster types of their ipods. baby steps, baby, ... baby steps.First bagels, and now lacrosse. Maybe gentrification really is coming to Harlem. · Things You Never Thought You'd See In Harlem - #237 [The Assimilated Negro]
· Carrying a Big Stick to Harlem [New York Times]