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NYC 2016: Tomorrowland My Ass?

Not everyone dug the Tomorrowland vision of NYC recently dropped on us by New York, especially not The L Magazine, which caters to the Brooklyn crowd. Here's some of the flavor from the new "Conscientious Objector" column titled "Tomorrowland My Ass":

I’m glad someone has assembled this load of atrocities, which is indeed going to change our city forever, in one place...Am I the only one who thought the whole thing looked like a glossy sales pamphlet for an Arquitectonica condo in Miami? That, in fact, every project featured as an illustration, with the exception of the Moynihan Station re-do of the Farley Post Office, looked like a condo project in Miami? I suppose with global warming we are going to be enjoying more tropical weather, but if predictions are correct, all these waterfront projects will be up to their atria in river water anyway.But, tell us what you really think. There's a "part two" next month.
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