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WTC Chaos Update: Have a Blast!

1) Holy crap, they're actually building it. Bedrock blasting is slated to start in The Pit on Monday as part of Freedom Tower construction. Says the NYT, "Test blasts are to be set off Monday, weather permitting. They will be followed by about 56 blasts to loosen the rock. Three or four blasts will occur about every other day, Monday through Friday, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., over the next two months." Adds NewYorkology, "During blasting, nearby trains will be stopped, parts of the PATH transit terminal will close and Vesey Street and the Vesey Street bridge over the West Side Highway will be evacuated." Should be fun. [NYTimes via NewYorkology]
2) This surely means something: "The Lower Manhattan Development Corp. yesterday extended until next year architect Frank Gehry's contract to design a performing arts center at the World Trade Center site." [NYPost]
3) Speaking of the good ol' LMDC, Kevin Rampe is now at the helm and oversaw his first board meeting yesterday. (This too surely means something.) Also, that Ground Zero school? To clarify, they're "evaluating" the idea. [NY1 via TRD]