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Spend Your Summer Vacation in Brighton Beach?

[Photo courtesy of rickbruner on flickr]

Okay, so maybe you've gotten on the Q or the B at some point and made your way to Brighton Beach and its Brezhnev Era chic by the sea. But have you thought about it as, like, a summer vacation destination? This, apparently, is not a joke.

The Daily News reports that Brighton Beach property values are moving up with a bullet, partly because people are "trading Long Island beach passes and Jersey Shore weekend traffic for a second home in Brooklyn's waterfront neighborhoods." Buyers apparently dig the "shorter commute, affordability and Brooklyn's down-to-earth quality." Not to mention the smoked sturgeon and all that stuff in the stores on Brighton Beach Avenue with the signs in Russian we can't understand.

A psychologist who bought at the Oceana condo says he and his family are going to spend their July vacation in Brighton. Quoting: "There's a lot of pretense in the Hamptons, but there's really nothing to do there ... This is like going to Europe every weekend." And Coney Island is right next door.
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