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Residents Feeling All Wet About 100 Maiden Lane

We've often been amused by the mermaid in the ads for the Financial District rentals at 100 Maiden Lane, but not everything is going swimmingly on the inside. Writes a disgruntled resident:

I moved in to 100 Maiden Lane in March - a building ... that's been "under construction" since I got there, with no end in sight. The elevators haven't worked for the last two weeks (23 story building), this week I had a leak in my ceiling (6th floor apartment) and many apartments on the 8th floor were water damaged after a faulty sprinkler system went off on the 9th floor. Rumor has it, the leasing office had to hire someone who's sole job is to field the tenants' complaints all day.The griping continues over at gym is the size of a large walk in closet with all the equipment STILL not working yet ... The "gorgeous" atrium has $6 carpet and 1 step up from Target type furniture. ... The roof deck is pathetic. I snuck up there 2 weeks ago and I wish they didn't even have it because I would rather have never expected one than have that one. It's a sad excuse for a roof deck.Now aren't you glad you don't live there? For the record, the place was supposed to be done this month.
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