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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Tramway Plaza!

Answers to Tuesday's reader questions sanitized for your protection below. Also, bonus updates on past queries?old Rumblings never die! Send more questions, answers, and sweet, sweet digital photography to drop a note in the comments below.

1) Midtown East: Regarding the fenced in space at the base of the Roosevelt Island tram, a commenter says get ready Tramway Plaza. "i work for the design firm that is doing the space. it is going to be a public park that has been a long time coming as it's part of the Solow Development company's 'open space' requirement for a building that they constructed several years ago in the neighborhood. It will be a public city park maintained by the parks department but funded by Solow."
2) East Village: No news on what will become of the lot at 531-533 E. 12th (pictured above via Property Shark). According to the Shark, it was sold for $6.95 million in February.
3) West Village: Alas, the mystery of the Stinky Sock Laundry on W 4th between W 11th and Perry remains unsolved. We weep for your socks.

After the jump, a "Whole Foods" visual and a new tip on the idle 1st St. taxi garage.

BONUS #1: A photograph of the empty lot at 42nd and Dyer, where Related had planned to build 60 stories and Whole Foods rumors swirl. Anybody know when the magic begins?

BONUS #2: Here's an update on a previous tip about the taxi garage on 1st street between 1st and 2nd avenues that was vacated after the new year. Apparently the property was put on the auction block and sold for approximately $3.5 million (according to the guy who owns the taxi business that was renting the space, who tried to buy it but couldn't pony up more than $3 million). The winning bidder was planning on putting up a 2-story condo building with a partner, but the partner backed out and another investor was brought in. But now this investor has backed out, so the bidder can't close the deal and the building is slated to be returned to the auction block."
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