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Second Upper East Side Greenmarket Greenlighted

The proposed greenmarket fighting to bathe First Avenue at 92nd Street in organic goodness? It's been approved by the local Community Board, along with an expansion of the greenmarket at St. Stephen's on 82nd Street. Both will open on July 1st assuming approval by the Land Use Committee next week. Naturally, the fight didn't end without a final plea from Eli Zabar to protect his empire. Reports Upper Green Side:

The discussion turned to the 92nd Street and First Aveune location. Eli Zabar immediately stated the same objections to the greenmarket at that location as he did to the PS 6 location that was later withdrawn by the CENYC - that he would basically face new competition near one of his stores that would draw away business.
Give Eli credit: if you're going to lose to the organic hordes, go down swinging.
· Two Greenmarkets Approved [Upper Green Side]