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Deli in the G-Slope?

Another one for the "Which nabe is this anyway?" file, brought to us this so-far-rainless Friday by Curbed Flickr photo pool contributor e-liz:

let us note that the location of this brand new establishment is the southwest corner of BUTLER STREET AND FOURTH AVENUE. i consider the divider between park slope and gowanus to be fourth avenue, with residences on the east (mine included) in "park slope" and everything to the west in "gowanus." all signs point to the edging out of gowanus as we know it, and to the spreading of park slope all the way out to the canal and beyond; carroll slope anyone? surprised they didn't name this place deli in the g-slope...Seems a bit stingy with the P. Slope love, no? Then again, you can duke it out amongst yourselves.
· what is wrong with this picture [Flickr/e-liz]