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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Meet the Next Williamsburg Landmark Fight: The Domino Sugar Factory (54 comments)
"Are you kidding me, this is blight. Its blight on waterfront property. This isnt the old Penn station, Its a factory, a sooty old factory. Tear it down, build a park, build condos, something useful to the public."
2) It's Raining Diapers in Hudson Heights (50 comments)
"Wait, so native New Yorkers are used to used adult diapers falling outside their window once a week? Wow, for the first time I'm really glad I didn't grow up here. Or does it only happen in gentrifying areas?"
2) Hipsters for Housing? Apparently So (50 comments)
"this is all wrong... if you want to organize the hipster masses, you need a cheap beer sponsor such as Pabst or Rheingold(so gross i'd rather drink pee with a splash of tonic). plus who are organizing against or around? not that it matters, if there's free beer. Get it?"
4) ViVa Update: ViVa VaVoom! (35 comments)
"...this project is way ahead of its time. Restaurants in the city depend on walking traffic, and no one is walking around up near that building. Dinosaur BBQ is an anomoly, and it's also 6 blocks closer to subways and buses."
5) Far Upper West Side Gets in the Downzone (32 comments)
"Those kinds of decisions reminds me of the socialist Soviet Union in the old days. Why can't a develop pay his/her money, buy a property and develop it if people want to buy?"