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Penis Street Art: New Williamsburg Development Statement?

So, yesterday we brought you the "Gentrify Brooklyn" posters with the Kalashnikovs. Today, we present The Penises of Williamsburg, which have been appearing over the last couple of weeks on select developments and walls around Billburg. The specimen above is affixed to an old industrial building on Wythe Avenue at North 9th that is undergoing a luxe condo conversion. The bonus photo below appeared two weeks ago on a plywood construction wall adjacent to 184 Kent, which itself has attracted so much graffiti since it was cleared in advance of condo conversion that the landlord has to keep whitewashing the walls. The blue-painted wall in question?also bearing the graffiti message "I am gentrification"?belongs to the Palmer's Dock development, the affordable housing part of which is under construction. Keep sticking up those penises, hipsters.

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