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Brantley Better Not See You Playing With That Phone

[Photo via Flickr user Sol Lang]

You'd be forgiven for forgetting for a moment that NYT theater scribe Ben Brantley is writing a travel piece today about Broadway and the Theater District. After all, he devotes the first few paragraphs to a mini-screed against cellphones:

Not having a cellphone also allows you to avoid the distractions of conversations that cause you to bump into other cellphone users, sometimes leading to nasty altercations. You do not come to New York to be beaten up, or if you do, there are clubs downtown for that purpose.Aw, Benny, don't shock the tourists like that, then how will poor, struggling Disney Theatrical Productions ever stay in business? (For a quick digest of Brantley's picks, hit up NewYorkology.)
· 36 Hours: On Broadway [NYT]