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How to Make Us Care about Miami

Hey, speaking of lavish parties, the fine folks at Tungsten Properties held one last night on Crosby Street to celebrate the launch of Boulevard, a new "boutique condominium" in, uh, Miami's Design District. Hmm, would New York brokers really want to dedicate their time to selling Miami condos to snowbirds? Hellz to the yeah, because check out what incentives are being dangled: 5% fees paid to referring brokers, 4-day trips to Le Sereno Beach Hotel in St. Barths and, best of all, free vespas. OK, we have to ask: what is it with brokers and vespas? If anybody was at the party or would like to comment on the correlation between real estate salespeople and small Italian scooters, please speak up.
· Boulevard [Tungsten Florida]