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But These Stones, They Are Jostling My Child!

In the annals of community board absurdity, we're not sure any has ever surpassed a recent request by residents of 44 Laight Street in Tribeca. Reports the Tribeca Trib:

"We like the look of the neighborhood, we are only trying to be practical," Lilli Momtaz, a building resident and president of the condo board, said in an interview. One week earlier she had gone to the Landmarks Committee of Community Board 1 with what she thought was an innocent request—to pull up the ragged cobblestones and replace them with a more even surface.To be fair, 44 Laight is the only building on the block where cobblestones extend all the way to the building itself. Still, we're not particularly displeased that residents received this rebuke from a community board member: "You should respect what the neighborhood is. You say it is unsightly. I take big exception to that. And as for the trouble with pushing baby strollers, well that’s life in the historic district."
· Residents Plea to Be Rid of Cobblestones [Tribeca Trib] BONUS: What drives the douchery of 44 Laight residents? We have no idea, but check the glory of the interiors on a just-closed apartment in the building that carried a $4.995 million asking. Pretty freaking sweet.

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