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Storefronting: Upper East Side's New Greenery

1) Upper East Side: Looks like there was a strong turnout at St. Stephen's on 82nd Street for the debut of the new UES greenmarket (above). Reports Upper Green Side: "Two vendors back in the courtyard sold cheese, baked goods and veggies while three vendors out on the street sold fruit, more veggies, juice, flowers and more." OK, Union Square it's not, but give 'em time. More photos (including requisite shot of politicos) are only a click away. [UGS]
2) Flatiron: From a "very satisfied neighbor/customer" comes this tidbit: "Via Emilia...formerly of Park Ave South @ 19th street...(for 15 years) ......has just opened their NEW location on 21st Street....between Park and Broadway... it's a beautiful space and the food continues to impress! liquor license coming soon....mean time....bring your own wine!" Mmm, you don't have to tell us twice. [Storefronting inbox]
3) West Village: Trouble on West 10th Street?! Emails a concerned citizen: "Anyone know what's going into (a) the old Details store at Bleeker and W. 10th, and (b) the old Blind Tiger Ale House at Hudson and W. 10th?" [Storefronting inbox]
4) Harlem: At Lenox Ave. and 130th Street, the Soupman cometh. [Storefronting inbox]