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It Happened One Weekend: Spirits Invade New York

1) The Times catches up to the Tree House craze that swept Billyburg in June. [The City]

2) With applications for over 24,000 condos submitted since the beginning of 2004, some may wonder if developers have gone crazy. Fret not, friends: developers eschew all trends and statistics, because if you simply put your ear to the ground, "the market talks to you." Explains a lot, really. [NYTimes]

3) More from the Spirit world. A California couple finds a suitable apartment on East 88th even though the patio is "mostly concrete" and "East 88th Street had bad vibes." [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

4) Developers break the rules in Bed Stuy with the blessings of the Buildings Department, who then turn around and refuse to issue a Certificate of Occupancy until the violations are remedied. The buyers end up the biggest losers because "you can't refinance or take out anything on this apartment. It's completely worthless till they resolve the C. of O. issue." Still with us? Ah, forget it. [William Neuman/The Big Deal]

5) More new luxury condos are being constructed in the Rockaways. The developer reasons the reason behind the project is "we found a property on the Atlantic Ocean" and "the ocean is magnificent." [NY Times]

6) Queens Plaza is changing, and some residents like Joey Hot Dog have taken notice, saying "it's changing around here, I think." Ah. Ah. [The City]