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Luxury Condos and Visits from Mom on W. 127th Street

Our good friend Bagel in Harlem writes to let us know that signage is up at the new luxury condo under construction at 50 W. 127th Street, where prices for a piece of the Harlem action start at $500,000 and go to $1.5 million for a 3BR duplex. After noting that her mother is in town, Bagel writes that the new development diverts the mind from "personal angst":

The structure appears pretty out of place with the rows of brownstones lining the block, but it's too soon to tell as building completion is scheduled for 2007. Although the Web site isn't yet up, the banner in front of the building assures area residents that they too can have a piece of the Harlem condo pie for 500K and up. There are parking spaces available under the building as well.The new condos are a stone's throw from the Rhapsody on Fifth condos next to Mount Moriah Baptist Church.
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