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Real Estate Poetry: Love is in the UES Co-op

Our bad for not getting this out to you in time for yesterday evening's event, but anyway:

tired of singles bars?? or trips to the hamptons? ... just got invite from halstead to view 300 east 74th st #30B cocktails, private terrace. the invite rhymes. too long to quote, but one of the lines is: "this is also the chance to meet your mate, home seeking singles don't be late." another line: "And if you are lucky, and play your cards right. You may meet your match by the end of the night"This kind of pap makes us long for the edgy realism of Pep Gay. Still, there are two more open houses next week for this "oversized one bedroom home with a 31 foot long living room" in case you happen to have both the down payment for a $735,000 co-op and a hankering for some East Side love.
· Listing: 300 E. 74th Street, 30B [Halstead]
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