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Spacey Queens Relic Seeks White Knight

[Photo via Forgotten-NY]

Perhaps this week was not the most ideal time to be talking about endangered landmarks and red alerts, but nevertheless, the fight goes on, gas explosion or no, for at least 56 other buildings around the city highlighted by advocates down at the New York Landmarks Conservancy. They've got a new website up attempting to rally some support for deteriorating structures most in need of rescuing. The McCarren Park pool in Greenpoint, which is actually getting some use these days, is on there, but so is the creepy-looking New York State Pavilion (above) from the 1964 World's Fair in Flushing Meadows, which has yet to attract its own full-priced concert series. There has been talk about converting it into an "Air & Space Museum," but the dead photo links on the concept's website tell us all we need to know about how successful the idea's been so far.
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