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CurbedWire: Special VIP Edition

1) DUMBO: The Wire has just gotten word that new development 110 Livingston will be scheduling purchase appointments beginning this Friday, July 14th. Everyone eager to move to DUMBO has to respond to Two Trees Management by, gulp, today (!) to "secure your VIP status." Step lively, kids. [CurbedWire]

2) Stuy Town: Speaking of VIPs: Rutherford Place is offering brokers free limo rides for the three hours "providing the broker allocates the final 45 minutes to a full tour of Rutherford Place." Reminds us of that time we bought that awesome timeshare. And hey, with the rising prices uptown, don't let things like a drought keep you away. [CurbedWire]

3) Lower East Side: CurbedWire update on an item from earlier this week. A Wire source emails, "it appears that there are only two listings for 7 Essex Street. The remaining Essex Street listings appear to be part of another development that was built in 2005." No address given—but none is necessary. We know our preference. (And regret the previous error.) [CurbedWire Inbox]