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BREAKING: Shopsin's Lease Up for Sale

Eater is reporting that West Village institution Shopsin's, which floated the idea of moving to Brooklyn this past spring, has put what remains of its lease ("6+ years... at well below market value") on the block. Speculates Eater, "One must conclude that Kenny has one of two things planned: retirement or a move to Brooklyn. In either case, the clock is now officially ticking on the Carmine Street institution." Either that, or some broker at Sinvin is having a field day with the Calvin Trillin set.
· EaterWire Breaking Report: Shopsin's On the Block [Eater]
· Listing: 54 Carmine Street (ground level) [Sinvin]

BONUS: Eater has also been peeking around the Lower East Side's famed
Freeman's Alley. What they have uncovered might amaze you.
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