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On the Roof #3: Waiting for the Smoke to Clear

At what point does tragedy give way to real estate fodder? In New York, in exactly 24 hours. We're far enough out on the tragic townhouse explosion on East 62nd to share this poignant email received from a Curbed reader yesterday morning:

Am I the only one who saw the footage of the collapse at 62nd street yesterday and gawked at the rooftop of the building just across the street? Is that a residence? There's a huge garden up there with the front-portion of the roof sheltered by a structure supported by roman columns.Excellent question. We're thinking that's Ron Perlman's house—he does, after all, own an opulent townhouse on 63rd, just east of the Post House. Of course, we could be wrong, as we so often are. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Sez a commenter, "Close -- according to the AIA guide, the building across the street from the fire is Revlon headquarters."