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Allan Gerovitz, Broker Dom

If you've ever rented in Carroll Gardens or Cobble Hill, you've probably spent some face time with legendary Elliman broker Allan Gerovitz. The self-proclaimed "maven of rentals" does up to 150 deals a year—while apparently doubling as a dom:

"There's something Machiavellian about what he does," said one former client, who added that the broker "worked a fucking miracle" for him. "It's 60-40: his own craziness and the Machiavellian thing. His way of testing your reliability is to press you, and it isn't pleasant …. A lot of kids who come and want to live in Brooklyn, and they think they know everything about the world because they read Gawker, and they want a real-estate broker to be a certain way—his method goes against that grain."Adds another source in the Observer's massive profile of the man, "But be very nice, and say I referred you and—Jesus Christ!—be on time. He'll only help you if he likes you.” And you'll like him for it.
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