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Here Comes Your King Size Bed in Gowanus. No, Really.

Okay, so it's a standard-looking hotel room right out of the chain hotel handbook, but this particular room, previewed by Newyorkology, is in the Gowanus Holiday Inn Express, which is now (after delays) scheduled to open on July 24, give or take. The 9-story, 115-room hotel on Union Street is part of a South Brooklyn hotel boomlet that also includes a G-Slope "boutique" property on Fourth Avenue at Sixth Street and the Smith Hotel in the high-rise condo at Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street.
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Bonus: Sen. Chuck Schumer has stashed $250,000 in an appropriations bill for yet another study on cleaning up the Gowanus Canal. They might want to check out reports that streets in the nabe erupted with three- to five-foot-high sewage geyers during a recent rainstorm. Sewage geysers? That'll give Holiday Inn guests a Brooklyn story to tell when they go home.