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On the Roof #1: Hot-Tub Ready at 139 Wooster

Longtime Curbed readers may remember our obsession last summer with NYC rooftop houses: the creamy paradise above Kiehl's at Third and 13th; the country cabin overlooking the corner of First and 1st; the 75th and West End paradise in the sky. Good times, good times.

Well, it's summer anew, and a young boy's thoughts again turn skyward. All this afternoon on Curbed—and, heck, as long as y'all send along tips about rooftop retreats for sale or just there for the gawking—we're going back on the rooftop, into the open air. We begin above at 139 Wooster, a new development that features one of those sneaky rooftop additions hidden just behind the roofline. Notes the chirpy press release, "Most of the homes have private outdoor space, and the two penthouses enjoy extraordinary rooftop terraces with wet bars and kitchenettes as well as a provision for hot tubs. Every home has a vented Bosch washer and dryer." To which we say: Bosch? Awright!
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