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Apple Ousts Nine West in West 34th Showdown

[Mashup made possible by PropertyShark's street photo archive]

Can anything save the dingy retail blocks of West 34th Street? Why yes, come to think of it, something can: the glory that is Steve Jobs. With the gleaming Fifth Avenue Cube now open, our obsession shifts to the shadow of the Empire State Building, at 21 West 34th between Fifth and Sixth, where the next great Digital Mecca is set to rise. An email tipster passes along late-breaking news:

I remember an article stating that apple would be opening a W 34th Street store. I believe that this is at 21 W 34th Street, a vacant building marketed by Cushman and Wakefield. I now notice that Nine West has closed next door. I havent been able to find the managing agent at SL Green to see if this is true. Do you guys have any info on this? It is suppose to be a 30,000 SF store.All signs point towards Apple taking over this swath of the block. But why stop there? Imagine it: the entire Empire State Building, remade into a single, gleaming retail destination, with a small, gleaming fruit shining from the top.
· Apple Plans New Store Opposite Empire State Building [Apple Insider]