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Vote for Your Favorite Governors Island Idol

Is Governors Island the most important piece of undeveloped land in the Northern hemisphere? According to Lisa Chamberlain it (perhaps) is, and over on Polis she points out that the Govs Island Alliance has released "illustrated guidelines" on how to redevelop the 172 acres. They're even asking commoners such as yourself to vote on three park designs in an effort to help shape their advocacy mission: Prow Park (southern tip), Channel Park (facing BK) and Harbor Park (facing the Statue of Liberty). In the name of journalism, we voted to get to the current results, and as of 9 a.m., Prow was up 53% to Harbor's 41%. Poor little Channel. If you want some in-depth insight into the Alliance's take on the matter, download their Guidelines PDF, which features all sorts of facts and figures and drawings, as well as a nice shout-out to the Shake Shack.
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