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Queens Conspiracy Redux: All That Remains

It might be time to close the book on the infamous Astoria/Ditmars fast food conspiracy of '05, and friends, it's not a happy ending. We already showed you the immediate aftermath of the fire that claimed the McDonald's, Twin Donuts, optical store and Thirty One cafe, and now we have this sad post-script:

I have a sad update to the beloved story of the fire next to the Ditmars subway stop and the ensuing fast food conspiracy theories. This is all that remains of Twin Donut and Thirty One. McDonald's seems to have survived but has not yet reopened, and Cohen's Fashion Optical opened across the street; the others have become mere floors to be rained upon. We can only hope an imaginative person will rent the space and put something the neighborhood needs there.You're teary-eyed, we know. And because this topic is white-hot, our tipster continues: "For anyone interested, here are some things the neighborhood DOESN'T need more of: 1. Nail/Hair salon 2. Pizza place 3. Chinese takeout 4. Convenience store 5. Cell phone store 6. Drug store 7. Bakery 8. Power Plant." Got that?
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