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Moments of Guilt to Skyrocket at 82nd and Fifth

Cheapskates of the city, the ante has officially been upped on the Upper East Side. One of the great moral dilemmas of the art-loving New Yorker is now even more fraught, as the Metropolitan Museum announced that it's going to start "suggesting" you fork over one of your precious wallet-sized pictures of Mr. A. Jackson to see the exhibits. The 33% hike from $15 was, of course, precipitated by the teeming hordes of poker-faced people who brazenly slide a dime or two (OK, maybe a few bucks) across the admission table and expect a happy-colored 'M' button in return. No, I can't afford to pay you any more, they mutter in their heads. I just gave the cabbie my last twenty. ... Eck, who're we kidding? We'd been hoping for a bailout from Grandpa Buffett as much as the next tightwad.
· Met Is to Raise Its Admission Fee to $20 [NYT]