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On the Roof #4: Silvercup Sprouts

The roof of Silvercup Studios in Queens is glowing green—35,000 square feet of green. Polis' Lisa Chamberlain, who last year broke the story of the plan to turn the roof into NYC's largest green roof, stopped by earlier this week to check on the progress, and finds it looking snazzy: "It's actually three green roofs spread out over the Silvercup site, one of which is literally on top of Tony Soprano's house."
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BONUS: In quasi-not-really-related Silvercup news, the developers behind the mega Silvercup West project have agreed to build 150 market-rate apartments to help grease the skids for community board approval of the development. The units could be up to a half-mile away from Silvercup West, though, prompting this genius quote from one community board member: "We are worried that a lot of the new developments are targeted for the affluent and this is one of them."
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