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Post-Bac College Living Beyond Dormandie Court

Forget co-op boards. Think you've got the "sweetness" it takes to get accepted into one of Karen Falcon's dorms for "the overeducated and underpaid" in Harlem? It's like college all over again, except that there's no degree audit, no late-drop period, and no guarantee you'll get out in about four to six years. Still, rent is $700 to $1,200 a month, and it sounds like slightly less of a gamble than a Craigslist share. But the Times article left us wondering where these places are. The main clue? Near "'big old Beaux-Arts buildings, built for wealthy families' ... from 145th to 155th Streets near the Hudson River." Overeducated guesses are welcome in the comments.
· Out of College, but Now Living in Urban Dorms [NYT]
· Normandie Court []

UPDATE: The Real Estate tries to hunt down the addresses, narrows it down a bit. Falcon quote: "I just don't need the publicity ... I think there are so many people moving to New York right now. Have you noticed?"