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Bob & Bonnie's Slightly Less Awkward Floral Staging

There are no brokers nearer and dearer to our hearts than Bob and Bonnie, formerly of Corcoran and now ... with Elliman! Yes, it's true. B&B appear to have bolted Babs' old haunt for the warm embrace of Doug, and they've taken their listings with them! Well, they've taken the motorcycle with them, at least. We're happy for them, sure, but we don't know if we like what's become of them. It seems that their penchant for ridiculous floral photos got lost or damaged in the move. Just look at the photos we have above?table scraps! It's a collage of things we saw across all their listings, and some of them aren't even that awkward. In their heyday, all it took Bob and Bonnie was one listing to send us into bliss. Yeah, the references to Astor Place and 12th and University as "Greenwich Village" are mildly amusing, but this is a blow that hits hard. Et tu, Bonnie?
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