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A Liberty Leg Up for Another Hotel in Financial District

In case you hadn't heard, the post-9/11 Liberty bond cookie jar is nuthin' but crumbs at this point, but one of the last guys to get his hand in and snag some cut-rate financing sweetness was Joseph Moinian of the Moinian Group, who plans to develop a condo/hotel tower at 123 Washington Street?below ground zero, next to the shrouded still-not-demolished-yet Deutsche Bank building at 130 Liberty. Mssrs. Gwathmey and Siegel?they who wrought Sculpture for Living upon the world?will be sharing the role of architect; more visuals for the project than you probably needed can be seen above. Come late '07 or early '08, look for 220 rooms on 25 painfully chic floors fitted with all the trappings of another W Hotel, while 180 residential condos are completed above. Throw in a "high-end restaurant, lounge, sky lobby, ancillary spa and fitness center," and you're already giving the Millenium Hilton something to sneer at from across the way.
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