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It's Time to Make the Switch

We haven't really touched on the Lower East Side's Switch Building in a while, probably because we've been kept in the dark about when it's going on sale and how much the units are going to cost. But we actually think the nArchitects-designed weirdo is pretty nifty, so we've been keeping our ear to the street (it's cold and garbagey), and there's big news to report. Elliman broker Avi Voda has made it known that the first offering?the full-floor Apartment #3?is up for grabs for $1,425,000. It's a two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit with a dining area, a 12' x 7' balcony and a key elevator to get you there. The floorplan isn't in the Elliman listing, so we grabbed what you see above from this hidden website, and if you click over you can see that the plans for the units on Floors 2-5 are pretty much the same, except for balcony "switching" and #2's terrace in lieu of a balcony (as illustrated above). Makes us wonder if there will be any price differences, and for what reasons. Developing!
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