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Eater Tastings: Opening The Box

Inside Staghorn Steakhouse on W. 36th, the newest warrior in the battle to make Knicks fans so full of meat, they will be unable to muster the strength to boo. [Photo by Kalina, 7/7/06]

More of this week's good dish from the Curbed/SLNY NYC restaurant blog Eater...

1) Big doings in Freeman's Alley, where Moby and friends are erecting The Box, a theater-cum-nightclub.
2) Meanwhile, on the corner of Prince and Lafayette, Soho Park, a former Rumblings star, has gone post-plywood?with picnic tables!
3) The dog days of summer have taken a bite out of the resto biz. A very full Shutter this week, including the closing of UWS old-timer Time Cafe/Fez.
4) In case you missed it, Shopsin's may not be moving to Brooklyn, but it does appear to be going somewhere.

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