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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) On Pee and Class War in the Central Village (54 comments)
"that west village area is a haven for drunk nyu kids peeing after a night out walking back to the dorms. my friends and i've done it many times. you can always see people peeing on those townhouses. as for saturday mornings, opposed to nights, kinda ballsy i suppose."
2) Red Hook vs. Park Slope: Fairway-Food Coop Death Match (24 comments)
"I lasted at the co-op for only a few months. The lecturing, the congestion, and the loooooooooooong lines were too much. It's ironic that a place which places so much emphasis on community is teeming with selfish control freaks."
3) Luxury Condos and Visits from Mom on W. 127th Street (24 comments)
"[I]t's a pretty nice block; I checked it out this morning on the way to work and was generally impressed. However, there was one drunken, presumably homeless guy sitting against a building at 127th and Lenox. The smell was bad enough to knock at least $50 per square foot off the value of any condos in the area.
4) Diary of a Motivated Seller: Britney Edition (21 comments)
"Love the suburban decor."