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Tribeca Neighbors Want to Whack Tony Soprano's Building

Donald Trump isn't the only one running into opposition to downtown building plans. Sopranos star James Gandolfini's real life real estate ambitions are not getting a warm and fuzzy embrace from some Tribeca resdients. The actor who plays the mob boss is part of a group looking to build a seven-story residential building in Tribeca, and the Downtown Express reports that the neighbors aren't happy. Soprano Gandolfini and four partners at Atlantic Walk LLC are looking to build at 415 Washington Street. Community Board 1 originally liked the plan, but it looks like they've flipped because the developers now want to build bigger due to "economic hardship." Gandolfini would have an apartment in the building if it's built.
· Tribecan's Try to Ice Tony Soprano's Project [Downtown Express]

BONUS: Looks like everybody's unhappy about a proposed rezone of North Tribeca near the Gandolfini building that's been approved by the Planning Commission. Several blocks would be rezoned to allow residential and commercial projects, but Downtown Express reports that developer Jack Parker is peeved that the rezone allows less density than they want and residents are angry that it still allows too much density. They're also grossed out by Tribeca's growing monster rat problem, which among other things, is being made worse by all the construction in the neighborhood.