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CurbedWire: VIP Status at 110 Livingston for $700 psf

1) Central Park: Bloggers Emil & Hiri of Poland Korea Relations "ran into this food sacrifice in Central Park [yesterday]. A circle of bagels, another of blueberries, and one of bananas. There were two books, some cd's and candles lying on this sacrificial peace sign but we couldn't really make out what it was about. What does sacrificing food have do with peace, we don't know?" We don't know either, but it looks delicious. [CurbedWire Inbox/Poland Korea Relations]

2) Downtown Brooklyn: A reader checked out the just-opened sales office for 110 Livingston this weekend. Here's the skinny: "The show apartments seemed pretty nice and the prices were around $700/sf which seemed OK. However, the real estate taxes seemed really steep -- over $1700/mth on a two bedroom. Even if they get the ten year abatement it will be over $700/mth for the first five years before phasing upwards. Do you have any idea why the real estate tax is so high at this building?" We just know it isn't in DUMBO. [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Bushwick: Beware the Tower Of Bushwick. A tipster reports that Bushwick is going high rise at "354 Grove st. between Wyckoff and Irving on what used to be one story light manufacturing there is an awful 14 story tower, set back from the street which absolutely shadows bushwick, which is predominantly 3 story with some 4 story tenements as well as some 6 story apartments and lofts. It's about to top off, and I'm guessing it bought air rights from the neighboring properties (gas station & 1 story building, both on huge lots) so as not to deal with CB4. " [CurbedWire Inbox]

4) Upper West Side: A tipster reports that "according to management company Douglas Elliman, they will no longer be managing 905 West End Ave after 8/1. Do you know who the buyer is? Rumor of $40 million [asking] price?" [CurbedWire Inbox]