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Curbed Gets Toxic: Newtown Creek Field Trip

This is the view of Manhattan from Newtown Creek. Newtown what? You know, the body of "water" marking the boundary between Queens and Brooklyn that is so polluted it makes the Gowanus Canal look like the Alpine spring from which Evian gets its water. Curbed spent Sunday morning cruising Newtown Creek with the Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment, which takes people to many an interesting place. We saw surreal post-industrial vistas rarely glimpsed by New Yorkers, because who's going up this creek, even with a paddle? More imagery after the jump.
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Brooklyn's Epcot Center? No, the sci-fi stuctures are actually the Greenpoint Sewage Treatment Plant.

Behold the Citigroup building in Long Island City peeking above scrap metal on a barge.

Maybe you've sat in traffic on the BQE's Kosciuszko Bridge on your way to or from the Hamptons? This is it from beneath. You know the stench of rotting trash you might have smelled up there? It's way more ripe at creek level.

Where old cars go to die: Long Island City.

We call this one: Bud, Concrete and Empire State.