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Weird Billboard Roundup

Tipster says: "I can only hope it's not too long before the giant Bud bottle starts drenching tourists with delicious delicious booze."
We say: That sounds like the perfect beer commercial: blistering hot day in Times Square, beer starts pouring on suffering New Yorkers and tourists, impromptu street party/wet T-shirt conest breaks out. There, we just made some advertising firm a million bucks.

Tipster says: "This billboard went up this weekend, on East Houston, between Ludlow and Essex. Here's the view from our apartment window....what's the deal? Is it an actual ad or the largest hate mail in nyc?"
We say: Things like this never turn out to be as cool as you want them to be. We predict that it's some bank ad on the importance of protecting your assets or something lame like that.